Roof Repair

Roof Repairs in Clearwater FL and Tampa Bay Area

Regardless of what is wrong with your roof, we have the specialists and expertise to help you out. We have deep expertise in allroof repair service in Clearwater FL major roofing needs including fixing roof leaks, repairing damage from storms, wind, or other natural phenomena, fixing code violations, repairing chimneys, and replacing rotten wood. We can work on traditional or flat roofs and have the right professionals for each job every time. Roofex has a long history of serving both commercial and residential needs throughout the Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and Tampa Bay, Florida areas.

We also offer services for maintaining your roof, inspections, and re-roofing. Testimonials and reviews from local customers show that reception to our many services in the community and we are always happy to discuss any potential concerns or job with anyone in the area who is interested. We pride ourselves on customer service above all else and will make sure that not only we do a quality job, but that we also make sure we address any of your questions and work within the confines of what you feel comfortable with.

Our professionals work with you to make sure that we complete the job per your needs. Our roof repair group can fix anything from minor leaks to major structural issues, all within a cost that is affordable and with a quality of work that is unparalleled. Our trained staff is licensed and our contractors insured to make sure that we get the job done the right way the first time, every time. We can provide documentation and example jobs for any type of job- just ask us when you inquire about your job in question. Give us a call if you have a concern about your roof and we can let you know what we can do to help! Roofex is a reputed name in the community and we hope to work with you soon!