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Roofex Service Is Trustworthy

Roofex is a fully insured Clearwater roofing company and carries $1 million in liability coverage.  This coverage is for your own protection and our major clients have benefited from this coverage.


Excellent Value Is Roofex’s Claim To Fame

Roofing Clearwater company staff is factory trained in the latest roofing techniques and technologies and our foremen are specialists.


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Roofex Ensures Superior Protection For Your Home

Roofex Guarantees Superior Protection For Your Home

Roofex employs the famous Weather Stopper Integrated Roofing System tm. This system is renown for protecting the home against all forms of weather.

Avoid Hassles with Roofex


Roofing Clearwater contractor experienced staff gives out that personal service.  We have easy payment plans, we guarantee your satisfaction.;


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Re-Roof Services

Need a new roof?
If you’re in need of a new roof, then Roofex is the place to go.  Any number of things can contribute to a damaged roof.  Our specialists are trained to detect just what kind of damage has been done and by what.  You’ll find things like weather, bad maintenance, old age, shoddy workmanship, sub standard materials and installation all can contribute to the need of a new roof.
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Roof Repairs

Do you have roof damage?

Roof Repair in Clearwater Fl, and Tampa Bay Area by Roofing Clearwater contractor.

Depending on what condition your roof is in, our professionals are ready to solve the problem asap. It doesn’t matter if the damage was done by inclement weather or debris or even animals, our pros know how to fix any roofing problem. We also fix chimneys and bringing things up to code.

The Clearwater, Tampa, and Palm Harbor area has many challenges regarding types of roofs, but our team can handle any of them.

In addition, we also offer a ton of other services fro m re-roofing to general maintenance and more. We’ve got the positive reviews and testimonials to back us up and you can see. Our staff will communicate with you every step of the way to make sure all your questions and concerns are answered.

Our team will get the job done. We don’t do the shoddy performance that other roofing companies do. We’re licensed and our contractors are insured. We’ve got everything covered. We back up our claims with the proper documentation with examples of various jobs we’ve done. We leave nothing to chance or confusion. Just call and ask and our staff will answer any question that is on your mind regarding your roofing needs.
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Roofing Clearwater FL

Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Make Sure You Schedule Routine Roofing Maintenance And Inspections.

It’s wise to schedule several routine physical inspections of one’s roof.

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Roofing Inspections

Take A Moment To Reflect When Last Your Roof Was Inspected.
The roof is the biggest area of your home exposed to the elements and debris.  Doing regular inspections is very important.  Getting a professional to inspect your roof is a great idea. Schedule your roof inspection today!
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Take A Moment To Reflect When Last Your Roof Was Inspected.



John T.,  Safety Harbor, FL

I needed to replace a roof before selling my old house and contacted Roofex company. I was very happy with the job they daone! All was done on time and under the budget.


Jane K., Clearwater, FL

Thank you for a new shingle roof you installed in my new house in Clearwater.


Bill R., Tampa, FL

My wife and I  were very satisfied with Roofex excellent service. Everything from getting a free quote to completion of the roof replacement in our house in Tampa FL was done in very professional manner and promptly as promised. Thank you for such a great work. Strongly recommend Roofex for any roof related work!